We are convinced of the importance of pooling efforts and of working in partnership with institutions, organisations and people who share our values and objectives. We would like to sincerely thank our pedagogical partners, who support us with their skills and expertise in continuously improving our projects.

We have been the representative of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) in Switzerland since November 2015 and we are responsible for developing the Eco-Schools programme as well as the Young Reporters for the Environment programme at the national level.

We are the representative and educational partner of GoodPlanet Foundation in Switzerland. As such, we organise some of the foundation’s educational exhibitions aimed at young people and the general public in schools and municipalities.

Our association is part of the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) network of non-school actors of éducation21.

In collaboration with La Maison de la Rivière, we organise field trips for schools offering hands-on activities on the conservation of aquatic environments, forests and wildlife on the shores of Lake Geneva.

On the theme of food, we offer educational tours of the organic garden La Flânerie as well as workshops, in collaboration with the gardens and greenhouses of Verdonnet-Bouchet.

Our collaboration with Romande Energie allows us to offer the educational programme “Les Explorateurs de l’Energie” to schools participating in the Eco-Schools programme. They have the opportunity to explore the theme of energy through the website and field trips to power plants.

But also…