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International photography contest «Food, a challenge for the future of the planet!»



Founded in 2006 in Geneva, «J’aime ma Planète» is comitted to sustainable development education in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. We offer activities, exhibitions, children’s workshops and outdoor excursions on several themes to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote a sustainable way of life. We mainly work with children from 4 to 18 years old in schools but we also organise educational exhibitions for the general public. In 2015, we became the official representative of the Eco-Schools programme in Switzerland, the largest international environmental education programme for sustainable development focusing on schools all around the world.



As part of our educational activities, we have decided to develop our first exhibition: “Food, a challenge for the future of the planet!“. The exhibition will aim to raise awareness of the environmental impact of food and to promote practices that can help to reduce this impact. It will highlight human, cultural, social and economic issues that we are facing today in terms of food, related to the environment, to initiate a reflection on possible future solutions to move towards a more sustainable and a more solidarity-based lifestyle.



To develop our educational exhibition «Food, a challenge for the future of the planet!», we are launching an international photography contest, open to everyone, on food issues. We will choose the most beautiful photographs that we receive to illustrate posters for our exhibition.

If you are a photographer, and you wish to showcase your talent by offering long-term visibility to your work, this contest is for you!

Before giving way to your creativity and imagination, here is the information you need to know:

From December 15th 2017 to March 15th 2018, the contestants will be able to send us a maximum of 10 photographs in 5 categories: Use of resources, Production, Transport, Sale, Consumption and Waste. In order to highlight a local dimension within our exhibition, some of the photographs selected will have to be taken in French-speaking Switzerland.



To help you understand what these categories mean, a few examples of topics that can be covered are listed below:

Use of resources: The use of the world’s resources to feed ourselves (arable land, land degradation, meat production, fish farming, overfishing, deforestation, freshwater management, impact on biodiversity, pollinating insects, ancient species, …)

Production: Forms of production related to food (agri-food industry, agri-business, urban agriculture, pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs, monoculture, greenhouse cultivation, organic farming, permaculture, agro-ecology, exotic products, artisanal products, fruit and vegetable varieties, seed varieties, grey energy, fair trade, cooperatives, labels, …)

Transport: Food processing and food transport from the source of production to the end-consumer (grey energy, product processing, short circuits, farm policies, refined products, food self-sufficiency, food dependence, …)

Sale: Places where we can buy our food, according to certain criteria (grey energy, convenience stores (bulk stores, vegetable city gardens, solidarity food stores …), short circuits, labels, fair trade, reduce, re-use, recycle, plastic packaging waste, …)

Consumption and waste: Our food consumption and the ways we waste food. How to avoid waste? How to consume in a responsible and solidarity-based way? (seasonality, local consumption, malnutrition, over-nourishment, obesity, fast-food, additives, preservatives, food pyramid, food waste, specific diets, reduce, re-use, recycle, plastic packaging waste, compost, …)



Photographers should submit their photographs before midnight on March 15th 2018 (UTC +1):

– in digital format (colour);

– with a resolution of 300 dpi; participants should note that photographs of insufficient quality will not be accepted;

– knowing that images will be printed in the format 43.5 x 70cm;

– Files should be in .png or .jpeg formats and labelled as follows: name_title_category.png or name_title_category.jpeg.

Photographs must be uploaded using the link in the registration form below:

Registration form


Around 20 photographs will be selected to be part of our new educational exhibition “Food, a challenge for the future of the planet!”. Also, winners from each category will be rewarded with a prize of CHF 500.-.

We look forward to discovering your work and we wish you good luck!



For more information about our General Rules and Conditions for participating, please click here