National network meeting on ESD of the extracurricular actors of éducation21

The anticipation was great – on 6 June 2023, éducation21, the national competence and service centre for education for sustainable development (ESD), organised another exchange meeting for the members of the network of extracurricular ESD actors in German and French-speaking Switzerland after more than three years.

Together with almost 40 other educational organisations, J’aime ma Planète familiarised itself with the updated ESD understanding of éducation21, exchanged experiences and made contacts. Our highlight was that we were able to present an excellent report from the Young Reporters for the Environment programme to the participants: The report “Les jeunes, la clé pour résoudre les problèmes mondiaux” served as a good practice example for linking children’s right to be heard and participation with sustainability issues.

Many thanks to éducation21 for the informative day.