We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the foundations, companies and public institutions whose trust and support have made the development of our activities possible since 2006.

Fondation Philanthropique
Famille Sandoz

Montagu Foundation


The Montagu Foundation has been our main partner since June 2010. The foundation aims to preserve nature and protect animals. Raising public awareness of environmental issues and promoting responsible behaviour are among its priorities. It is for this reason that it supports the educational and awareness-raising projects carried out by Jaime ma Planète in schools in French-speaking Switzerland.

“Convinced by the mission of J’aime ma Planète and the urgency to educate children from a very young age, the Montagu Foundation is committed to supporting the association J’aime ma Planète and collaborating closely with it throughout the school year.”

Sandoz Family Foundation


We also benefit from the support of the Sandoz Family Foundation. The aim of the foundation is to encourage charitable activities in the fields of education, nature conservation and environmental protection, as well as cultural, social and humanitarian activities, both in Switzerland and abroad.

MAVA Foundation


The MAVA Foundation also supports us. Its mission is to conserve biodiversity for the benefit of people and nature by funding, mobilising and strengthening the conservation community. The MAVA Foundation envisages a future where biodiversity flourishes, especially in the Mediterranean, coastal West Africa and Switzerland; the global economy supports human prosperity and a healthy planet; and the conservation community is thriving.

In addition, we benefit from the occasional and regular support from other recognised partners:


Fondation Ancrage

Our heartfelt thanks also go to the foundations and donors who wish to remain anonymous.