We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the foundations, companies and public institutions whose trust and support have made the development of our activities possible since 2006.



Montagu Foundation


The Montagu Foundation has been our main partner since June 2010. The foundation aims to preserve nature and protect animals. Raising public awareness of environmental issues and promoting responsible behaviour are among its priorities. It is for this reason that it supports the educational and awareness-raising projects carried out by Jaime ma Planète in schools in French-speaking Switzerland.

“Convinced by the mission of J’aime ma Planète and the urgency to educate children from a very young age, the Montagu Foundation is committed to supporting the association J’aime ma Planète and collaborating closely with it throughout the school year.”

Sandoz Family Foundation


We also benefit from the support of the Sandoz Family Foundation. The aim of the foundation is to encourage charitable activities in the fields of education, nature conservation and environmental protection, as well as cultural, social and humanitarian activities, both in Switzerland and abroad.

Seedling Foundation


We are pleased to be working with the Seedling Foundation, whose mission is to support innovative climate protection projects and initiatives. Seedling is helping us to develop the Eco-Schools programme in Switzerland.

Ancrage Foundation


The Ancrage Foundation promotes education and environmental protection. Ancrage also supports cultural, academic and spiritual activities, scientific and medical research, and helps disadvantaged people and those in precarious situations.

Néré Foundation


We benefit from the support of the Néré Foundation, whose mission is to encourage projects that protect the environment, promote sustainable lifestyles and better ways of living together. Néré also helps victims of abuse and the most disadvantaged, and supports projects that promote an ethic of information and dialogue. The foundation works both in Switzerland and abroad..

Didier et Martine Primat Foundation


The aim of the Didier et Martine Primat Foundation is to raise awareness of the global issues caused by human activities and to help shape a more responsible world by supporting educational projects and concrete actions that encourage the emergence of conscious and sustainable lifestyles. The foundation is helping J’aime ma Planète to set up the project “Agir pour la biodiversité locale en Suisse”.

City of Geneva


We are grateful to have the City of Geneva as one of our partners. Through its funding programme, the City financially supports J’aime ma Planète in developing the Young Reporters for the Environment programme.



As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, SICPA places sustainability at the heart of its activities and operations. It actively engages with communities near its operations and participates in scientific, cultural, educational and environmental projects. SICPA has been supporting J’aime ma Planète since 2017 to develop the Eco-Schools programme in French-speaking Switzerland.

In addition, we benefit from the occasional and regular support from other recognised partners:

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They have supported us in the past:

Our heartfelt thanks also go to the foundations and donors who wish to remain anonymous.