After being named awardee of the 2020-21 national competition, Adrian, student at Ecolint – Campus de la Châtaigneraie, came second in the international Young Reporters for the Environment competition. This is a recognition of the quality of his investigation and an opportunity for J’aime ma Planète to gather his testimonial about this journalistic adventure.

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I chose to write an article on light pollution because I am very interested in this subject.

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It is a local issue, very relevant, because more and more cantons and municipalities are facing this problem. The first time I heard about light pollution was through a photography magazine I read. It talked about how images of the night sky, of the stars, could be affected by this pollution. For my investigation, I read other articles about this and used different sources.

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I didn’t interview anyone, and I didn’t do any particular fieldwork (editor. due to Covid). Instead, I did solution-oriented research. But I suppose I would have given my article more credibility and perhaps attracted more attention if I could have conducted an interview. I think that making the reader want to read a news article on a subject that they are not as passionate about as you are, and providing knowledge that is sometimes a bit difficult to understand, is the most difficult part of writing a news article.

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